at this time, I'm not offering any courses.

Guided Tours

Stone sculpture path Vättis
The 500 meter long gravel road lies just outside the village and can be visit free of charge all year round (except shortly after heavy snowfall). Twelve sculptors from all over the world each created one stone sculpture using different styles and techniques. The tour costs 85,- CHF for groups up to 20 people. The vanilla tour takes 90 minutes and has background stories or insights to (almost) each sculpture or sculptor. Variations e.g. allowing time for longer discussion or viewing the short video about the creation of the sculpture path can be agreed upon.
The formation of the mountains & geological window around Vättis
For laymen interested in geology: stone layers, their formation and what can be learned from them. The tour takes about 75 minutes including a short walk from the village centre. The last 50 meters lead along a small and somewhat steep trail. Costs: 95,- CHF for groups up to 20 people (in winter the tour may be adapted, depending on snowfall)
Sculpture exhibition and artist workplace
All year round, the exihibition in my garden and in the small gallery can be visited. If you like, also my workarea. A short visit is free of charge and always possible when I'm around. Larger groups or longer visits: please make an appointment. Costs: by arrangment.

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